I’m gonna be back soon…
Watch this Space.







"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez

They went in

This gave me eternal life.

lol they go in at :38 though

Aha aaayeee they killed that

You know when you’re just so frustrated that it starts pouring out of you in so many different ways? I’m currently at that stage and then that in itself is frustrating me.
I want a big old rant about things but I’m the only person that would understand the rant.


Drax listens to some music.

i tried not to reblog but


When your roommate uses a Lady Gaga song as an alarm clock


SS Marie Antoinette. Out of control repair Droids, cannibalizing human beings. I know this is familiar, but I just can’t seem to place it. Sister Ship of the Madame De Pompadour. Nope, not getting it.


fucking finally

Best Moment

I need a fanblog that has the sole purpose of sourcing screenshots of Willam in different things. I dunno why, I just need this in my life.


I s2g if you use my fc before I get chance to I will fly to your place of residence and slap you