I can’t breathe!

Guess what, Rising to your bait?

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You know when a song just says absolutely everything you need right now?

I’m ready for the start of something new
I’m ready to depart from what made me blue
I’m ready for my heart to let you through
But most of all’ most of all

I’m ready for the rain to pour down on me
I’m ready for a change to come and set me free
I’m ready for my loss to become victory
But most of all’ most of all


when will someone put a stop to tyler oakley?

I’ve been asking myself this for years.

He’s back and ready to snatch the halo!

I’m going to hell for how much this made me laugh

I don’t know what’s worse
The fact I’m having a down day
The fact I have no real reason for a down day
The fact that I started the day so well
Or the fact that I can recognize that I am in fact having a down day and can’t seem to pull myself out of it


that’s all.