I done fucked up 

are we not gonna talk about the dog that pops out of nowhere with extreme concern on his face

I literally laughed for a solid half hour



Tyler Posey getting dunked on Ellen for breast cancer

I can’t decide if that’s Katy Perry or not in the background…

You go away for 3 months and you completely fall out of the Roleplay loop.

Someone from HGRP fill me in on where people are playing right now!!

Things I have no idea for.

  1. Halloween Costume
  2. NaNoWriMo

loupi said: i’m not :D

I’m happy that you’re not dead dear :)

There’s a distinct lack of blog activity from anyone that I normally see a lot of and this disturbs me.

I hope they’re not dead.

Please visit Seth's Fertility Fund ▷




Ahh! I just had my first second donation! Thank you so much! You guys are amazing. I still can’t believe I got any kind of response at all in one day. I love you all.


UPDATE: So I had my initial consultation today! Everything looks good which is really awesome! But they did up the estimate to $10,000 instead of the initial $8,000 they quoted me. So all the reblogs and shares and likes are much needed! Please help my dream become a reality!

Do anything you can to help out a beautiful person, even if it is with just reblogs.

Finally, I am back!!

It’s been a while tumblr but I finally have the internet back and here I am!

I wanna know everything that I’ve missed in the last three months! FIRE!

7th October I get the internet back properly.

Watch this space